Corporate Credit​​ Card​

Monitor and manage business travel and entertainment expenditure easily.

Magnati’s Corporate Credit Card offers a simplified way to track and control your business expenses, supported by robust reporting tools.

  • Credit period
    Improve your cash flows with our interest free credit period for up to 51 days
  • Currency
    Currency options of AED or USD
  • Integration across payment systems
    We provide strong reporting tools and the capability to integrate with ERP systems and expense management programs.
  • Annual fee waiver
    Enjoy fee waivers and no hidden fees
  • OTP (One-Time Password)
    • We will send you an OTP by SMS and email. OTPs are required for all online transactions
  • Robust reporting tools
    • Easily access reports through the complimentary Visa IntelliLink reporting tool
  • Statements
    • We offer a flexible statement cycle – 5th, 15th, 20th, 25th of each month
    • Consolidated e-statement is sent to the Key Contact and individual e-statement sent to the cardholder
  • You no longer need to worry about due dates and repayments. The total amount due is auto debited from the company’s existing account
  • Travel inconvenience and travel accident insurance
    • We have you covered on your travels so you can focus on enjoying your travel experiences
  • Company liability waiver insurance
    • One easy way to protect your business from an employee’s fraudulent misuse of the card
    • Insurance coverage of USD 25,000 per cardholder
We offer a specialised solution for government, utilities, telecommunication and fuel payments: