Corporate Prepaid​ Card​

Use your card to draw cash from ATMs, make purchases on POS machines within the UAE and perform secure online transactions.

For companies dealing with physical cash for petty cash handling and recurring payments, the Corporate Payment Card is for you. Use it at ATMs, in-store and for e-commerce transactions, track payments on the portal and receive statements for swift reconciliation.

We offer cards to companies dealing with manual petty cash handling and recurring payments​​

Additional Information

We offer the following security and control features to satisfy your corporate requirements

  • Chip and PIN card – protected against skimming frauds
  • OTP for secure online purchases
  • Corporate payment solutions to cater requirements for setting up authorisation limits and controls
  • Expense management solutions to support corporates in managing cash flow, reports and dashboards

We offer an easy-to-use online module that makes card management quicker, simpler and smarter

  • Request for, modify and replace cards
  • Reset your ‘PIN’
  • Upload dispute forms
  • Load/reload cards
  • Access real-time transaction activities online
  • Perform actions on cardholders’ accounts
  • Upload payment files in a secured environment from the convenience of your office
  • Access secured areas for dedicated individual(s) from your corporation