Access a host of unique services with the UAE’s first all-in-one digital wallet.​

payit supports the UAE’s evolution to a cashless society. The fast, secure and free digital wallet is designed to meet all your banking needs.



payit is more than a wallet, it’s a lifestyle companion​

With payit, you can pay your bills, split the check with your friends, send money back home and shop and your favourite stores.

Ways to Pay

Go cashless with our 360-degree payment platform
  • Reduce costs with our flexible pricing models

  • Lowest transaction acquiring costs with 100% chargeback protection

  • Next-day settlement for collections

  • Real-time instant refunds

  • Access existing payit customer base

  • Leverage payit’s customer engagement tools

A full range of options for digital-centric businesses
  • In-store payments (QR code, Sound payment and POS)

  • Remote payments (Digital collection, Digital store and Queue busting)

  • Business payments (Vendor payments and Payroll payments)

  • Integrated payments (Integrated app payments and Integrated web payments)



The Fastest Growing Gigital Wallet
in the UAE