Integrated Solutions​

Create a unified experience for your customers.​

From accepting payments to the accounting process, do it all in one place. Your customers experience shorter checkout times, while you benefit from stronger security and reduced human error in the accounting process.

Streamline the payment transaction process by linking your electronic cash register (ECR) to an integrated payment device. Using a dynamic link library (DLL), our integrated solution lets you process payments directly within existing software.

Why Choose


Reduce Checkout Time

Cut down checkout times at cash registers, resulting in satisfied customers and increased sales.

Eliminate Routine Tasks

Magnati’s integrated card solution updates payments to the general ledger automatically, eliminating manual daily tasks such as managing the accounts receivable and re-entering transaction data into accounting software.

Reduce Human Error

Payments are seamlessly passed into the card acceptance device by the ECR software. Eliminate human errors like incorrect or double data entry to ensure your business functions as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Strengthen Security

Protect your business from data breaches and strengthen security. Magnati’s integrated card processing solution prevents double-swiping a card on the ECR system. It also avoids capturing sensitive data, making your business automatically PCI compliant.

Easy Reconciliation

Payments are seamlessly processed and the resultant secure response messages are passed on to the ECR system, which captures this information for reconciliation purposes. We settle funds to the bank the next day and ensure they match with daily reports.

Suitable for Retail, Hospitality, Government, F&B and more​