AED2,500One-time fees POS Link based payment2

AED 5,000One-time fees ECOM2

AED2,500Annual fee waived off for ECOM business for limited timeAnnual Fees3

AED 99/MonthBusiness Insight Fee4

1. The Transaction Fee for our service is variable and determined on various factors, including but not limited to the nature of business, annual turnover, product type and card type. The specific Transaction Fee applicable will be agreed during the merchant onboarding journey and defined in the Fee Schedule of the Magnati – All Channel Merchant Agreement.
2. One-time Fees refer to cumulative charges borne by the merchant on a single occasion during the installation of the service. These charges encompass expenses related to hardware, integration costs and any other associated costs incurred during the installation process.
3. The Annual Fees amount is contingent on the specific product(s) requested by the merchant for processing payment transactions and is charged annually.
4. The Business Insight Fee is a recurring monthly charge for merchants which provides access to the Business Insight Report. This report is complimentary for the initial 3 months, and merchants have the flexibility to unsubscribe any time thereafter.