Magnati enables online payments for SMEs and micro-SMEs with instant onboarding platform

Businesses can accept online payments within the same day

Abu Dhabi, 22nd of April 2024: Magnati, a leading payments solutions provider in the Middle East region, announced the launch of its innovative Digital Onboarding platform, transforming the way small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and micro-SMEs access online payment solutions. This innovative solution eliminates traditional barriers, enabling merchants to begin accepting online payments within the same day through a seamless, self-service journey.

Magnati Revolutionizes Online Payments for SMEs with Instant Onboarding Platform

Recognising the critical role that SMEs play in driving economic growth, Magnati is the first in the UAE to acquire this pioneering solution. The Digital Onboarding platform addresses the longstanding need for accessible and innovative payment solutions for SMEs and micro-SMEs. By eliminating traditional barriers, Magnati enables businesses of all sizes, regardless of industry or size, to have direct access to online payment capabilities.

Accessible from any smartphone or computer, the Digital Onboarding platform simplifies the application process for merchants seeking various payment solutions. Whether it’s Point-of-Sale (POS) machines, e-commerce payment systems, or Pay by Link options, businesses can choose the solution that best fits their needs. Through a streamlined application journey, Digital Onboarding minimises required documentation and leverages automation to ensure efficient onboarding. This allows businesses to unlock immediate access to vital payment capabilities, boosting their operational efficiency.

The platform offers a fresh and intuitive journey, prioritising speed, security, and automation. The user-friendly platform lets businesses start accepting payments within the same day, streamlining onboarding and unlocking instant payment capabilities.

Commenting on the new platform Nishit Doshi, Managing Director and Head of Products, Partnership and Data, said: “Magnati prioritises enabling businesses with accessible payment solutions, allowing them to focus on their core goals. The launch of our Digital Onboarding platform marks a significant step forward in this mission. We are confident that the platform will be a key driver in fostering financial inclusion, propelling the digital transformation of the UAE’s business landscape, and ultimately enhancing customer experiences.”

Magnati’s Digital Onboarding platform is a step towards enabling SMEs and micro-SMEs in the UAE. By removing barriers to online payments, it fuels their growth and paves the way for a more inclusive and thriving digital economy.

About Magnati

Magnati is a regional leader in the payment solutions industry focused on direct acquiring, issuer processing and acquiring processing. Magnati provides government, merchant and institutional clients with an intelligent payments platform, using next generation technology to deliver improved experiences and increased efficiency. The Magnati brand is charged with energy and potential and is set to transform payments into possibilities.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Magnati’s expertise and relationships provide a platform for Magnati to attract international partners, while setting a new standard for innovation and delivery in the payments industry.

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